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Marine Toys for Tots Announces Record-Breaking Year!

(NewsUSA) – Marine Toys for Tots had another record-breaking year in 2023 thanks to the generous support of the American public, National Corporate Partners, volunteers, and our dedicated local Coordinators. Your generosity makes a lasting impact on children in need. During 2023, Toys for Tots distributed nearly 25 million toys, books, games, and other gifts to over 10 million economically disadvantaged children. 

“You helped us deliver hope and comfort to children in need throughout the year, and for that, we are extremely humbled and proud. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you,” says LtGen James B. Laster, USMC (Retired), CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. 

“Now, with a new year comes new resolve to be an even stronger force for good, because children growing up in poverty deserve nothing less,” he adds.  

The Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program, which is the U.S. Marine Corps’ premiere Community Action Program, provides security and hope to children and families in need at Christmastime and beyond.  

Toys for Tots is committed to providing emotional relief and support to disadvantaged children throughout the year with our Toys for Tots Literacy Program, Foster Care Initiative, Disaster Relief activities, and our Toys for Tots Native American Program. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future, and Marine Toys for Tots is dedicated to making it as bright as possible for children living in challenging circumstances, no matter the time of year.  

In 2023, with your help, Marine Toys for Tots achieved tremendous milestones by:   

• Delivering hope and comfort to over 10 million impoverished children. 

• Expanding our Foster Care Initiative by providing support to over 332,000 children living in Foster Care across the Nation.  

• Providing 100 truckloads of emotional relief gifts to nonprofit partner, Good360, to distribute to nonprofits across the Nation during the Spring and Summer months. 

•Assisting families affected by natural disasters in communities in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, Florida, and Maui. 

•Supporting over 220,000 Native American children through our Toys for Tots Native American Program.  

• Distributing 3.2 million books to disadvantaged children through our Toys for Tots Literacy Program to include 1 million books to Title I funded schools, and books valued at $1.1 million to the Kids in Need Foundation (KINF).   

The assistance given was astronomical, and we are grateful to the American public, our National Corporate Partners, and our local Coordinators that enabled us to reach incredible milestones in the Program’s 76th year. 

Join us in 2024 as we strive to be an even stronger year-round force for good by providing hope for a brighter tomorrow to children in need. Visit toysfortots.org to learn more about Marine Toys for Tots and to donate to any of our Programs.

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