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How High-Speed, Low-Latency Satellite Connectivity Can Help Rural U.S. Businesses Grow

(NewsUSA) – Small businesses in rural America face challenges their urban counterparts don’t. This sector is an important part of the U.S. economy and provides critical support to rural communities. A major obstacle is limited access to high-speed internet. Consider the many ways a business might depend on internet access for success. Here are some example functions:

  • Transaction processing: This is important for everyone—from small retail outlets to remote tourist destinations.
  • E-commerce: Rural small businesses export everything from specialty foods to niche industrial products, and connectivity can help them reach customers anywhere.
  • Global sourcing of needed components: Robust rural connectivity can open small businesses to global markets and help them find the best products and prices for value-added operations.
  • Online learning or training: Rural populations are often far removed from formal training facilities, and high-speed internet can help people learn important skills by watching instructional videos on platforms like YouTube.
  • Customer Wi-Fi: This is an important service to customers in a waiting area at a doctor’s office or auto repair shop.
  • Tracking shipments: Given their remote location, small rural businesses often rely on deliveries—both sending and receiving—even more than urban ones.
  • Customer communication: Clients and customers everywhere increasingly expect timely business communications.
  • Booking a table at a restaurant: Tourism is a major economic driver for rural areas, and the businesses that make transactions low friction have a competitive advantage.

Conventional options for connectivity—like fiber optics, cable, or 5G—are often not available in rural areas. The build-out for these services requires a population density and subscriber base that will justify the costs. Rural communities generally don’t meet the requirements and, thus don’t receive access.

Hughesnet has satellite connectivity solutions for rural small businesses that are both affordable and reliable. The Hughesnet Select Pro and Elite Pro service plans deliver high-speed internet with unlimited data wherever businesses operate, no matter how remote. Plus, with tasks that require significant bandwidth and computing power, like cloud-based or collaboration applications, businesses can now stay connected with Hughesnet Fusion Pro, which combines satellite and wireless technology for low-latency connectivity.

And just as important as a primary connectivity hookup, it’s crucial to have internet continuity through a backup in case that primary source goes down from weather or accidents. For rural businesses that already have a primary internet provider but are looking for additional options, Hughesnet Internet Continuity is an internet backup service for rural businesses that is ideal for when a primary connection is lost or interrupted.

Running a small business in rural America can be challenging, and a reliable, affordable connectivity solution can help expand business capabilities and position them for stronger growth.



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