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(NewsUSA)What Eyes Cant See CoverWhat Eyes Can’t See by Paulette Stout 

“A gripping, moving story… of love, justice, redemption.” 
Midwest Book Review 

Barbara navigates the NYC corporate world as a confident Black lawyer, balancing sky-high career goals with heavy family expectations. After a broken engagement leaves her reeling, Barbara lands at an island paradise and gets swept away by Sebastian. The hazel-eyed Adonis with a mysterious past makes Barbara feel seen for the first time in her life.  

Yes, he’s white and she’s Black. She’s rich and he grew up on food stamps, but none of that matters. Until they return home and Sebastian gets the job meant for her. 

Suspecting racial discrimination, Barbara challenges her boss in court. That decision puts the lovers on opposite sides of a battle they long to fight together. As their love and convictions are put to the test, one question remains: how much are they willing to risk to find justice? https://books2read.com/what-eyes-cant-see 


Searching for Zen CoverSearching for Zen: A Tale of Divine Destiny by Albert T. Franklin 

The story begins on Earth, but an Earth with a past steeped in fantasy and science fiction. From humble beginnings, a boy is given a divine destiny, a chance to make his mark on human civilization, but he must embark upon a life-changing journey. He struggles to understand, losing himself in doubt and loneliness as he confronts the dark side of humanity. 

Coming of age, Zen builds a family from a motley collection of strangers and discovers love. His newfound friends help him understand his reason for fighting. His trials amplify as his power increases, and he sparks the ire of those in the spirit realm, who doubt any human can wield such power successfully. As Zen struggles to fulfill his purpose, he learns that love, friendship, and divine destiny come with a heavy price. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3Ri7EGO


Tricking Power into Performing Acts of Love CoverTricking Power into Performing Acts of Love by Shepherd Siegel 

People and cultures draw on a mix of archetypes, the attributes of personality that make them who they are—Warrior, Caretaker, Magician, Fool, Hero, Sage—and Trickster. This book is about how grownups who have retained the ability to be playful as they were when a child view the world. Such grownups will consciously or unconsciously engage with the Trickster, and this book is about what could happen if society made more of that animating force. 

Today, an infantilized infatuation with the Warrior archetype tears society apart. The best response comes out of a more peaceful and playful approach. In a time of great political frustration and culture wars, readers respond well to Tricking Power into Performing Acts of Love, which proposes the pursuit of fun and the refusal to take power seriously as a timeless and potent political strategy. Purchase at https://shepherdsiegel.com/books/


Messed Up Like You CoverMessed Up Like You by Rick Culleton 

Rick Culleton is hardly the kind of person you’d expect to fly an airplane. He is fearful of heights and lacks a good sense of orientation. None of this, however, has prevented him from earning a pilot’s license. Nor have anxiety and ADHD and people labeling him a lost cause stopped him from becoming highly successful as an entrepreneur. 

The author struggled in school because of learning difficulties. He showed no athletic talent, did a brief stint in prison, and spiraled into debt hustling used cars. But with encouragement from a friend, he turned his life around and built an Inc. 5000 company selling discount electronics. 

Messed Up Like You is a compelling narrative. Weaving together harrowing anecdotes from flight school and from the author’s business ventures, it will propel readers toward becoming their best selves and prompt them to take action. Purchase at https://amzn.to/414aN0d.

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