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Killer in a Winter Wonderland: Latest in Cozy Mystery Series Takes on Holiday Aura

(NewsUSA) – Holidays are fickle things — often good, but sometimes not so good. It’s December in the quirky town of Cardigan, MD, and Rosalie Hart has been thrown several curve balls.

For one, her ex-husband has booked a semester break vacation to Dubai with their only daughter, leaving Rosalie without Annie for Christmas for the first time. And, following a renovation, Rosalie’s restaurant, the Day Lily Café, is back open for business with an expanded dining room and a chef with an inflated ego. To make matters worse, when her head waiter and best friend Glenn Breckinridge is concerned about a neighbor who hasn’t returned home, they learn he has been murdered while riding his bike on River Road. In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, Rosalie and Glenn pair up once again to uncover who killed Bill Rutherford on that raw wintry night.

In Killer in a Winter Wonderland, the fourth installment in bestselling author Wendy Sand Eckel’s cozy mystery series, recurring protagonist Rosalie Hart is someone you would love to meet over a signature holiday coffee in the charming fictional town of Cardigan. Yet rest assured she would soon have you telling her your personal story. Rosalie has that charm — and instinct.  One of the great pleasures in this compelling and much-anticipated holiday-themed story is Rosalie’s passion for coaxing stories from friends, suspects, and bystanders alike.

In fact, her astute listening skills prove critical to solving the mystery as characters endearingly and terrifyingly reveal themselves. And that’s just part of Killer in a Winter Wonderland’s “can’t-put-it-down” appeal. As in the three preceding books, Eckel sprinkles the suspense with more than a dash of humor and mouth-watering menus.

WendyWendy Sand Eckel is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Rosalie Hart Mystery Series. Degrees in criminology and social work, followed by years of clinical practice, helped her to explore a fascination with how relationships impact motivation, desire and inhibition. Combined with her passion for words and meaning, writing mystery is her dream realized.

Amazon reviewer Robert L. Roth writes, “Each page seems to contain a stocking stuffer, whether a piece of clever dialogue, a quip, or an insight about the human condition, all leading to a satisfying ending.”

Another advance copy reviewer calls the work “delightfully devious…. coolly crafted, set in a fictional town brilliantly brought to life.”

With delectable menus, high-stakes sleuthing, and the rich atmospheric scenes only the holiday season can provide, Killer in a Winter Wonderland is a cornucopia of delicious fare, compelling new and returning characters, and a fast-paced tale that will keep readers riveted to the last page.

No need to read the first three books to thoroughly enjoy this latest addition to the Rosalie Hart Mystery Series, but you will be happy to devour every page in the series after reading this one.

To learn more, visit www.wendysandeckelauthor.com or purchase the book at: https://bit.ly/3T231lK.

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