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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Cozy Reads to Keep You Toasty this Season

(NewsUSA)ChivalryChivalry by Patrick Girondi

From the eccentric and riveting author/singer/CEO Patrick Girondi, an aspiring author stumbles onto a manuscript that became a bestseller. He must find the true author, a peculiar war vet from Iraq who lives as a homeless person. 
Isa, a Gulf War sergeant, silenced a snitch to save his platoon from a murder rap. He now lives namelessly on the streets of New York, shielded by police, formerly of his old platoon. For now, in limbo, Isa writes books. He spots his daughter, who has no idea who he is, on the bus. Full of emotion, he accidentally forgets a manuscript. 
Bob Herman finds a woman who plagues his dreams and a manuscript he can’t put down. Herman wins Isa’s daughter. To keep her, he needs another bestseller and sets off to find the true author. Purchase at https://bit.ly/4417hV5.

AbandonedAbandoned by MHR Geer

It should have been enough. In this newest Anne Wilson thriller following the author’s debut “Assumed,” our protagonist had the perfect boyfriend and the perfect Caribbean villa. It should have been her happily-ever-after. But her past overshadows her sunny life. On an impulse, she ditches all of it and flies to Guadeloupe. A new island. A fresh start.

 But starting over is impossible with so many loose ends.

 Only twenty-four hours after Anne arrives in Guadeloupe, Sandy’s friend hands her a backpack full of cash, and Anne is plunged back into Sandy’s world. When someone breaks into her motel room, Anne goes on the run. Someone knows about the money. Someone wants her off the island. She has to decide: Keep running or risk everything to protect her perfect life? “My characters end up with my flaws, and I get to work through solutions. It’s like beta-testing better versions of myself,” the author says. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3tMADcp.

Happiness and HeroismHappiness & Heroism by Y.P.R.

Do you wake up every day with a sense of purpose, inner peace, and knowledge that you are living your very best life? Your emotional state and the actions you choose to take each day are at the very basis of your success as a human being. The ideal state of emotional fulfillment is what author Y.P.R. refers to as Happiness. The ideal form of noble day-to-day action is what he calls Heroism.

Happiness & Heroism: The School of Being, The School of Doing is a two-book series consisting of two letters from a father to his children that impart lessons on loving life and walking a noble path. The first book teaches the philosophy of the fundamental goodness of existence; mindfulness of true reality; humanity’s innate tendencies to feel stress, fear, anger, boredom, and depression—and the antidote. Purchase at https://www.happinessandheroism.com.

Hop Skip JumpHop Skip Jump! by Mary Giammona MD

It’s a busy grandmother-and-granddaughter day! What shall they do together? Grandma explains how to go hopping, skipping, and jumping for fun and exercise. At the end of an active day, they enjoy a family picnic together.

Mary Giammona, MD, is a Pediatrician, mom, and grandma who loves all children! She finds joy in her two young grandchildren, as well as her daughter, two growngranddaughters, and all her patients. She lives in Southern California with her husband and loves her multicultural family and the diverse nature of the area.

Her mind is full of stories, and Hop Skip Jump! is her debut picture book in the “Having Fun with Grandma” series, with additional titles forthcoming. Children are our future, and Dr. Giammona supports doing everything we can to make children feel valued. Purchase at https://bit.ly/47f3FQl.



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