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BookTrib’s Bites: These Four Reads are Perfect Holiday Gifts

(NewsUSA)Gigantic LeafA Gigantic Leap: First Contact by David Brown

What happens when a Galactic Federation of peaceful planets offers humanity a chance to join them and with it a gigantic leap into a bright future filled with all the marvels a billion-year advance of technology and intelligence can offer?

All we have to do is renounce violence, embrace peace, and evolve into a higher consciousness. But if we don’t, we may soon find ourselves quarantined, or worse, eradicated like a virus to prevent our violent ways from spreading across the galaxy.

The clock is ticking. Now it’s on the shoulders of a few unlikely heroes to save the day before it’s too late. It won’t be easy because they quickly discover that our world isn’t quite ready to give peace a chance, even when it means a choice between paradise on Earth or the cataclysmic consequences. Purchase at https://amzn.to/46Rkktn.

GOGO: Living Wisdom for Those Willing to Live by Shyan Selah

GO is a collection of inspirational and motivational quotes from the multi-talented creative artist and entrepreneur, Shyan Selah. Created as a daily support tool for those looking to remain motivated, GO is driven by one central and enduring theme: no matter the goal, circumstance, skill set, or talent, nothing can change for the better until one takes action.

Each quote contained in this book is an original piece of wisdom generated directly from Shyan Selah’s own unique life and is designed to ignite that spark one needs to boldly step out of procrastination and stagnation and simply GO!

The author also operates The Shyan Selah Foundation, a non-profit organization that produces special events, workshops, and showcases for youth that promote higher education and which he produces and tours throughout middle schools, high schools, and college campuses.Purchase at https://amzn.to/3rLMqr5.

SanitySanity: It’s Optional in Today’s Culture by Domenic Zarrella

Born in 1961 at a time when mental Illness wasn’t talked about and the treatments were almost medieval, Domenic Zarrella had no idea that what afflicted him upon graduating from college was major depression. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychotic features in 1995 at the age of 34, Domenic suffered the sadness, fatigue, and self-medication through alcohol for 12 years until being diagnosed after a manic psychotic episode.

His insights into the mystery of mental illness can benefit anyone afflicted by this menace, or their loved ones. Domenic can help readers understand what is going on inside the mind of a loved one when they do all those crazy things. But most important is his message of hope that the mentally ill can triumph through the advancements achieved in medications, counseling and awareness.  Purchase at https://bit.ly/3ZYeFiZ.

AgileThe Dark Side of Agile Coaching: Unmasking the Codependent Coach by Angela Doyle

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, agile practices have emerged as a beacon of adaptability and responsiveness. At the heart of this transformative movement stand agile coaches, who guide teams and organizations toward the holy grail of agility. Yet, amidst the noble pursuit of agility, beneath the surface can be an undercurrent of anti-patterns that inadvertently hinders the overall business and organizational goals.

Readers embark on a journey of discovery, shedding light on this troubling aspect of agile and business coaching.  Agility coaching has the power to unlock the full potential of teams and organizations to accelerate their corporate goals.  In the “Dark Side of Agile Coaching:  Unmasking the Codependent Coach” the readers are taking on a journey to cultivating healthy coaching relationships. Purchase at https://www.inoatar.com/agilecoachingbook.

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