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Albemarle Tradewinds Magazine
Have you been hearing "print is dead"? We can prove otherwise. With 12,000 magazines in over 250 locations, we reach customers that want to purchase your product or service. 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and Full page ads available at a very reasonable rate. We also have packages available that offer discounts to reach multiple markets.
Restaurant Placemats
Want to reach a different audience? Try advertising on a restaurant placemat. We can place your ad in front of a captive audience for a very reasonable rate.
Restaurant Cups and Mugs
Want to try something really different? We have Soda Tumbler and Coffee Mug campaigns in select restaurants that is affordable for any business. Another unique product that has a captive audience. If you are a restaurant owner and want cups or placemats in your establishment, give us a call. It's free to qualifying restaurants.
Ad Trac
Have you ever wondered if that Ad you ran actually got any phone calls? At the Albemarle Tradewinds, our mission is to make your business phone ring! If that does not happen we want to find out why and correct the problem so your advertising money is not wasted. Ad Trac is a program we use to track advertising campaigns. Effective and affordable, it is the answer to that question every small business owner asks.
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Advertising in restaurants
Print Magazine in over 250 locations
Web Advertising
Want to reach another demographic? We also have a large web presence that reaches into social media, mobile phone users, and the internet. Banner ads on our websites and blogs get noticed and clicked on which allows your business to reach a different audience than traditional print. Online banner ads start as low as $10 per month! A great add on to your print ad campaign.
Want to get attention on social media? A short video presentation is proven to get five times more attention than a regular post. At Albemarle Tradewinds, when you get an ad we include a free social media post for your business to our online audience. A 15 - 30 second video presentation of your business is only a $50 one time fee. After that you can use it all you want, anywhere you want.
All kinds of extras! Need an article written about your business? We do that! From advertising on restaurant menus, placemats and cups to radio and print, we have a unique set of products to help you reach your target market. What makes us different? We feel that we have succeeded when your phone rings. When you get your market share, we get ours also. We are more than just an advertising company, we are your partner in a marketing venture.
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