Agatha All Along: Who Is Aubrey Plaza’s Rio Vidal? Powers Explained

Agatha All Along
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The recently released trailer of Agatha All Along has fans buzzing about the upcoming MCU horror series. One of the characters that caught everyone’s attention was Aubrey Plaza’s Rio Vidal. Her character made a lasting impact in the teaser, causing fans to grow more curious about the newly added witch. But who is Rio Vidal in Agatha All Along, and what are her powers?

Here are all the available details regarding the character of Vidal.

Who is Aubrey Plaza’s Rio Vidal in Agatha All Along?

Rio Vidal, a specially curated character for the MCU, is the first green witch to be introduced in the extended franchise.

Due to the fresh nature of the character, the exact details of Rio Vidal’s role in Agatha All Along are currently unknown. However, her glaring green costume suggests that Vidal will join the ever-expanding roster of colored witches in the MCU. Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch introduced this concept with her red aura, with Agatha later joining the universe as a violet witch. Meanwhile, Agatha’s mother, Evanora, and her coven represent the blue half of the sorcerers.

With Wanda showcasing the power of chaos magic, Rio Vadal could harness a different style of magic within the same spectrum. The green witch is said to be the gender-flipped version of Emerald Warlock Dian from Marvel comics, who served as an antagonist for both Wanda and Agatha. It is also rumored that Rio Vidal could share a romantic history with the titular character from Agatha All Along.

What are Rio Vidal’s powers in Agatha All Along?

As of now, the extent of Rio Vidal’s powers is currently unknown. However, the green witch is expected to be a remodeled version of Emerald Warlock Dian. Consequently, she could share a power palette with the villainous Dian in the upcoming MCU series.

In the comics, the origins of Dian’s powers can be traced back to the Earth Mother Gaea. As a result, Vidal could also wield earthly abilities in the show. Moreover, Dian is a supremely strong sorcerer, possessing capabilities such as telekinesis, power absorption, immortality, and power bestowal. Such abilities could be mirrored by Aubrey Plaza’s Rio Vidal in the much-awaited Agatha All Along series.

However, information regarding her exact powers and role is currently under wraps. With the show set to premiere in September 2024, more details about Rio Vidal are expected to be unveiled soon.

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