Black Panther 3 Trailer: Is the Movie With Will Smith’s T’Challa Real or Fake?

Black Panther 3 trailer
Credit: Marvel Studios

Curious about the Black Panther 3 trailer? Since its launch, fans have been debating whether the Black Panther 3 trailer is real or fake. Another hot topic is whether Will Smith will appear in Black Panther: Shadows of Wakanda.

Amidst ongoing rumors of him replacing Shuri as Black Panther in Part 3, we finally have the answers to these burning questions.

Is the new Black Panther 3: Shadows of Wakanda trailer real or fake?

The recently released Black Panther 3 trailer is fake.

The fake video skillfully incorporates scenes from earlier films featuring Will Smith. Furthermore, the footage includes AI-generated voiceovers. You can watch the trailer below:

While Black Panther 3 isn’t officially greenlit, it seems likely to be in the pipeline. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tackled the theme of loss, mirroring Chadwick Boseman’s real-world passing, with T’Challa’s death at its core. Despite the somber tone, the movie sets the stage for the Black Panther legacy to continue.

Currently, there is no official news on Black Panther: Shadows of Wakanda, including casting or release date. However, Shuri and other Wakandan characters will appear soon in the upcoming Ironheart series or the next Avengers films.

Is Will Smith replacing Shuri’s Black Panther in Part 3?

No, Will Smith is not replacing Shuri’s Black Panther in Part 3.

Letitia Wright, who portrays Shuri in the MCU, hinted at her return during an appearance on The View. While promoting her film, the conversation shifted to Shuri’s future, and Wright’s response, followed by audience gasps, suggested exciting news.

As reported by MovieWeb, Wright’s cryptic comment, “There are a lot of things coming up,” left fans buzzing with excitement about her MCU future. In 2022’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Shuri took up the mantle of Black Panther, leading Wakanda through a fierce battle against Namor and his underwater kingdom.

Wright’s desire to continue with the character adds to the anticipation for her next appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Wright has hinted at her comeback, viewers should wait for an official confirmation.

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