Lil Skies Arrested: What Happened to Him? Arrest Explained

What happened to Lil Skies arrested
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Social media has been abuzz with questions about what happened to Lil Skies in the past few days. The Philadelphia-based rapper has recently been in the headlines for being arrested due to his supposed involvement in a hit-and-run car accident.

Here is everything fans need to know about what happened to Lil Skies and why the music artist was arrested.

What happened to Lil Skies?

According to XXL, rapper Lil Skies was arrested after being involved in a car accident in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

The Chambersburg Police Department’s website states that Lil Skies collided with another vehicle on the evening of May 20. The rap artist, who is originally named Kimetrius Christopher Foose, was arrested shortly after and taken to the Franklin County Jail. This is the first felony charge against Lil Skies.

Why was Lil Skies arrested?

Lil Skies wasn’t just arrested because he was involved in a car accident. The law dictates that when two people are involved in a collision, they are required to exchange insurance and contact information so that the party at fault can properly cover the damages.

However, Lil Skies decided to drive away instead of getting out after his car collided with another vehicle, which changed a road accident into a hit-and-run. Due to this reason, the 25-year-old rapper was charged and subsequently taken into custody. He was recently released on bail from the Franklin County prison.

It is presently unclear what the bail conditions are for Lil Skies, as there has been no comment yet from the rapper or the Chambersburg Police Department. In the meantime, he continues to spend time at his Waynesboro residence.

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