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Say Hello to Your Big Break at the Stapleton Library Job Fair in Vocation, Trade, or Civil Service

(Beni Ancheta, NewsUSA Reporter) – The Stapleton branch of the New York Library at 132 Canal St. will host a FREE Vocational and Trade Fair on Saturday, March 23, 2024, from 12 PM to 3:30 PM EDT. 


This fair promises opportunities for everyone eager to have a career in vocation, trade, and civil service regardless of their competency level and educational background.


Attending this fair is a unique opportunity, a must-attend, for job-seekers and career-changers aiming to learn new skills. They have gathered employers who offer a myriad of job and training opportunities in relation to trade and vocation.


Moreover, this fair will allow attendees to engage with hiring managers and trade schools, giving them networking opportunities and on-the-spot interviews. 


There is no charge to join the fair. Attend, explore, and unlock your big break. Reserve your spot here


For employers, please call Kelly Yim, Library Manager at 718-727-0427.


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