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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Reads to Ward off the Cold

(NewsUSA)PlowmanPlowman by Charles Bruckerhoff

At twelve, Stella Young and Hana Sanada, enrolled in the Stanton Academy for Humanity, discover the wartime journals of their great-grandfathers, who served in WWII, and a wartime journal of Stella’s grandfather, who served in Vietnam. Now, many years after the wars, the girls begin turning the journals into a book-length manuscript.

Their thoughts about the book’s themes change abruptly. Stella’s father was an infantry captain, serving in Afghanistan. One evening, army officers arrived at her home to inform Olivia, her mother, and Stella that their beloved husband and father had been killed.

The girls research the deeply troubling “wrong wars” that the American government has entered. Now adults, Stella and Hana size up what had gone so wrong with American government, its military, and society and embark on a mission to restore law and order, honor, morality, and integrity to the country. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3uJfErH.

Wolf's Head BayWolf’s Head Bay – Journey of the Courageous Eleven by Jeffery Allen Boyd

The global criminal Network . . .
 The growing government scandal . . .
 The ensuing White House cover-up . . . 

A chance encounter on a camping trip to the Northern Michigan wilderness by a group of teenagers becomes a deadly and suspenseful race for survival when they are plunged into the terrifying world of human trafficking and discover the courageous hero that lies within each one of them.

In a bold rescue attempt, the fearful group of teens is held captive at an underground missile silo by the Colonel, a dangerous man intent on controlling the world’s human trafficking Network. About to be taken out of the country and sold as slaves into the global Network, only the boy who lured one of them can help—and he has his own price! Purchase Book 1 at https://store.bookbaby.com/book/wolfs-head-bay .

Talk to my BrainTalk to My Brain! by Dr. Parul Cedilnik

In this fascinating work, a clinical psychologist, through stories, is bringing Cognitive Behavior Therapy to children. The core concept in this book is to accept the feelings, breath deep, and change the thoughts — to feel better and deal with the problems effectively. The book has six stories, lots of illustrations, a small discussion guide and can be used by psychologists, counselors, social workers and parents.

Dr. Parul Cedilnik, Ph.D. is a clinical and child psychologist who has studied and trained chiefly in India. She has worked in India, the United States and Germany with both children and adults. This book is based on her experience of the last 25 years, while working with people from more than 35 countries. Purchase at https://bit.ly/4bNJmg8.

Ad ManAll I Ever Wanted To Be Was an Ad Man by Anthony Eglin

From a childhood dodging bombs in wartime London and drawing pictures under the family’s dining table during air raids, Anthony had a dream – to become an ad man. Thus started a remarkable, 50-year, transatlantic odyssey.

While the labyrinthine arc of his extraordinary memoir is about resolve, tenacity and ambition, his ascendence in the exacting world of advertising is packed with unforgettable characters, case histories and hilarious anecdotes, along with a recurring thread of irrepressible optimism, deft insights and dry wit.

And somehow, he also found the time to become a famous rock-band manager, filmmaker, bike racer, antiques collector/dealer, New Orleans Jazz clarinetist, accomplished gardener, bakery owner, and an award-winning author of six mystery books. Anthony’s heart-warming memoir is a captivating portrait of a life well lived. Purchase at https://bit.ly/42OpYM0.


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