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Serial Entrepreneur Teaches Us How to Go the Distance in Business and in Life

(NewsUSA)“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”

From closing multimillion-dollar licensing deals with IBM and Microsoft, to the Ironman World Championship, to ultramarathons and summit expeditions, serial entrepreneur Steven Pivnik knows how to go the distance.

To some, picking up endurance sports as you approach your 40th birthday with zero athletic background may seem like a cry for help. But for Steven, it was a transformative journey of self-discovery and pushing personal boundaries to uncover the untapped potential within all of us. He documents his story in the newly released book, Built to Finish (Greenleaf Book Group).

Steven’s inspiring journey as a successful tech entrepreneur and accomplished triathlete and marathon runner is a shining example that you are built to finish regardless of your starting point or previous experiences.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve poured everything into building your business from the ground up. Where others doubted your ability or vision, you persisted. You took risks, made sacrifices, and faced countless obstacles. But now you’ve made it.

Your business is thriving and reaching new heights. What’s next?

Sharing his remarkable story as a college dropout turned tech entrepreneur turned triathlete turned international keynote speaker and best-selling author, Steven guides attendees on an unforgettable exploration of what it means to be “built to finish.”

Steven PivnikIn Built to Finish, Steven outlines his entrepreneurial journey in the IT marketplace, from failed startups to multimillion-dollar success. He hilariously recounts the ups and downs, wins and losses, and personal breakthroughs experienced on the summits of some of the tallest mountains in the world.

With a blend of humor and vulnerability, Steven shares the valuable lessons he learned along the way and provides practical guidance for entrepreneurs who want to go the distance in business and in life.

“For entrepreneurs,” Steven says, “or anyone wanting to lead an epic life, the focus isn’t on just starting or finishing. It’s about finishing what you started.”

Through international speaking events, 1:1 advisory services, and his newly released book, Steven coaches entrepreneurs through the mindset and practical steps necessary to achieve a successful exit, one of the seven summits (yes he’s done several), compete in an Ironman championship, or any other challenge they set their sights on.

Regardless of the endeavor – planning, perseverance, execution, pivots, setbacks, and endurance are key milestones to reaching the finish line. Now grab your running shoes and gear up for a transformative journey with Steven Pivnik. He can speak at your next event.

Steven’s blend of practical business advice and inspirational storytelling leaves audiences energized and motivated to go the distance in business and in life.

“A lot of business books teach the why of improvement, but few get into the how,” says Shawn Rhodes, keynote speaker, and author of Bulletproof Selling. “Anyone who knows about elite athletes knows they must be focused on the how, and that’s what Built to Finish delivers.”

Built to Finish is available on Amazon – https://bit.ly/477H9ss —   and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

To learn more, visit https://stevenpivnik.com.


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