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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Reads to Keep You Cozy in the Cold

(NewsUSA)The Destination Birth by Alex Bisset 

The Destination Birth by Alex BissetEverybody has their own unique birth story. For Alex and Lauren, theirs would begin a grand adventure that would present its own twist of fate thousands of miles from home. 
The Destination Birth is more than just a heartwarming and inspiring story; it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will leave readers reaching for the tissues one moment and belly laughing the next. But through it all, readers will be reminded of the incredible resilience of the human spirit, the power of family, and the unbreakable bond between a parent and child. 
So buckle up as a young couple navigates the trials and tribulations of childbirth, love, and family. This story will leave readers moved, inspired, and reminded of the extraordinary strength we can find when faced with adversity. Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Bozeman-Deaconness Hospital NICU. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3T1yCnq


Forgetting Me by Katherine Tirado-Ryen 

Forgetting Me by Katherine Tirado-RyenWhen Anne Strafford wakes from a coma in a New York City hospital, she has no memory of who she is, how she got there, or why the handsome movie star, Jack Post, sleeps by her bedside. She certainly doesn’t remember getting cosmetic surgery, or the accident that scarred her once-beautiful face. 

While piecing together her past, Anne makes distressing discoveries. Her husband has filed for divorce. Her twin sister won’t speak to her. Everyone she’s ever loved has shattered in her wake. Yet how can Anne fix a forgotten life? 

Follow this intimate journey of self-discovery that asks some of life’s toughest questions. What truly defines us? And are we more than the sum of our experiences? With bravery and determination, one woman will confront the echoes of her past in order to embrace an unforgettable future. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3NcTR1J


Eastern Star Rising by LuciaBelia 

Eastern Star Rising by LuciaBeliaFollow author LuciaBelia’s journey of healing from past trauma and mastering the Left-Hand Path. She accomplishes this feat through hard work and 18-hour days of focus, determination and working with Magick as an extension of herself, relentlessly using her 30 years of experience with Right Hand Path and energy healing. The path to ascension includes self-initiation, self-deification, and shadow work.  

The book shares LuciaBelia’s experience with the Demonic Gatekeepers, Satan, and those in her life who provided support as she became a fully empathetic and balanced person. Her journey was amazingly empowering. It taught her an entire system of healing that she incorporated into life coaching clients, where she has seen amazing results. Eastern Star Rising gives readers the tools to look deep within, do the work, and come out the other side, whole. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3T4iWjf


Sex, Trucks, and Rock ‘n Roll by Ben Mason 

Sex, Trucks, and Rock 'n Roll by Ben MasonA riveting, raw memoir on the life of an arrogant and decadent rocker who eventually finds redemption and peace amid chaos. Drawing on his experiences in the music industry and his love for Eastern and Western faiths, Ben embarks on a transformative journey that leads him to self-discovery and enlightenment. 

Ben shares the secrets of his evolution from being a self-centered rockstar to a successful entrepreneur and loving father, learning to embrace his true self and let go of the trappings of fame and fortune. 

With transparency and vulnerability, Ben invites readers to embark on their own journey of self-transformation. By sharing intimate thoughts and feelings, he offers clues and inspiration encouraging readers to overcome their own struggles and find inner peace, kindness, and prosperity. Purchase at https://bit.ly/49fhNdo.

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