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“The Magical Place We Call School” – The Power and Perils of Education

(NewsUSA) – There is no shortage of challenges in schools today—from bullying to gun violence and beyond—yet The Magical Place We Call School by Dr. Kathleen Corley reminds us of the extraordinary things that still happen in classrooms across America and that school truly can be a safe and happy place for learning. 

At a time when public discourse rages on about what students should or should not be taught, when books are being banned, when school shootings fill the news, and when families are still reeling from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic—here comes The Magical Place We Call School. With its fresh focus on the power and perils of education, it’s an intentional way of thinking that will intrigue readers everywhere. 

Kathleen CorleyDr. Corley’s 40 years of classroom wisdom as a teacher and school principal span different beliefs about learning, different styles of education and discipline, different environments, societal issues and cultural norms.  

In telling her own story, Corley unpacks a lifetime of lessons from the front lines on educating our youth and shaping young minds, formulating Big Picture strategies and case-by-case solutions as she weaves her way through faculties, parents and, most of all, the children themselves. 

“Some students will never know a thing exists out there in the world unless we are the ones bringing it to them,” to quote one of her aptly named “Corleyisms.” 

In her literary debut, Dr. Corley writes knowingly and with unique humor and insight about the value of education, how kids think and learn, what they need to succeed in and out of school, and how their home life affects their performance. Plus, she tackles some of the most daunting societal issues impacting children today, from bullying to gun violence and beyond. 

She is an award-winning educator, an authority on school culture, and the charismatic principal at Red Cedar Elementary School in Bluffton, SC, and renowned for her unique communication and management skills. Dr. Corley began her career in education as an elementary music teacher and transitioned to education administration to make a wider impact upon student achievement and school culture. She entered the administrative ranks as an assistant principal in Palatine, IL, then became an elementary school principal in Lynchburg, VA, Salem MA, and Bluffton, SC.  

Dr. Corley reminds us that something extraordinary still occurs in classrooms across America—not just miraculously, but by design and with tenacity. 

In The Magical Place We Call School, Corley shares human interest stories that shed light on what is and isn’t working and provides a calm hand and much-needed perspective from the front lines of learning. 

“Someday, a techie will invent a chip that can pre-install 40 years of classroom wisdom into every new teacher or principal. Until then, we’ve got Dr. Kathleen Corley’s book,” says Lenore Skenazy, president of Let Grow and author of Free-Range Kids. 
The Magical Place We Call School is available on Amazon – https://bit.ly/48zUCdP – and other popular retail outlets where books are sold. For more information, visit www.TheMagicalPlaceWeCallSchool.com.

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