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BookTrib’s Bites: Curl Up With These Cozy Reads

(NewsUSA)A winter by the seaA Winter by the Sea by Julie Klassen

Return to the Devonshire coast In this latest book in the On Devonshire Shores series with the Summers sisters, where loyalties are tested, secrets come to light, and new love emerges. When the Duke and Duchess of Kent rent neighboring Woolbrook Cottage for the winter, the Summers sisters host three of the royal couple’s male staff in their seaside house. But they soon realize they’ve invited mysterious secrets and the possibility of romance.

Meanwhile, when a publisher turns down Emily Summers’ hope to be an author, his dashing competitor considers her novel if she will write a new Sidmouth guidebook for him. Emily enlists the help of the Duke of Kent’s handsome private secretary. But a surprise visitor shows up, leaving Emily torn between her past desires and her budding dreams. Purchase at https://bakerbookhouse.com/products/516356.

The Killers KidThe Killer’s Kid by Adelene Ellenberg

After terminating a teenager-lovechild-pregnancy, Darlene Bundt, at age 36, finds herself unexpectedly “expecting.” Her problem?  Her boss, the child’s father, is a Massachusetts mobster and known killer.  Nevertheless, Darlene chooses Life, being a person of Faith.

Ruthless, corrupt, yet charming, mobster Mickey Quinn decides he will take complete control of the kid, his only child. Darlene refuses to give up her child to him and flees with him into hiding.  Will Darlene and the killer’s kid ever escape to a life of freedom?

Adelene Ellenberg’s newest suspense novel continues the story begun in Eminent Crimes: A Legal Thriller.  As an attorney, she learned that “The Law” can be either a shield or a weapon, and the weak need protection from the strong. Purchase at AdeleneEllenberg.com.

A reactionA Reaction to Messianic Missionaries by Cheryl Simani

A fresh, exciting perspective on the missionary/counter-missionary controversy. Appalled by the nefarious tactics of Christian missionaries disguised as Jews, Rabbanit Simani pens a personal letter to those misled by their wiles. She addresses the “Jews for Jesus” organization head-on and dives deep into the characters and sources for Jewish and Christian Messianic claims.

The book addresses the development of the “Messianic Jewish” movement and the “Isaiah 53 Campaign” – an aggressive effort targeting Jews with misinformation to convert them to their disguised form of Christianity. It also outlines the conflicting historical paths of Judaism and Christianity.  This is a dynamic perspective of the origins of Early Christianity, a must-read for anyone interested in who was or will be the Messiah. A perfect gift for the “truth-seekers” among family and friends, and that special rabbi. Purchase at https://bit.ly/45OLZue.

The unexpected benefitsThe Unexplained Benefits of Being Run Over by Naseem Rochette

Breaking doesn’t mean you’re broken.

In a pedestrian crosswalk on a quiet street, Naseem is hit and then run over three times. She hears her fate in her husband’s screams. Is he watching the mother of his children die?

Miraculously, she survives, yet she is no longer the person she was. Her “cracks”—the changes to her body and mind—initially feel impossible to accept. In learning to embrace this new, unrecognizable self, Naseem decides to celebrate the day she almost lost her life as the day she discovered her true strength—her Unbreakable Day.

In this unique memoir, equal parts heart wrenching and inspiring, Naseem lays bare the reality of personal trauma—and how we each have the power to reimagine our lives and find beauty in being both broken and unbreakable. Named Book of the Year in the Best Indie Book Award. Purchase at https://amzn.to/49nCzZh.


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