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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Unforgettable Reads

(NewsUSA)Dying for a Second ChanceDying for a Second Chance by Jenn Chapman

Someone has been killing and dumping women on the Shoalwater Bay Reservation in Washington State. In Dying For a Second Chance, a psychological thriller with a supernatural twist, Sergeant Rod Kills On Top investigates a car crash which leads him to details that may help solve the murders.  As he works with Jessica, a survivor of the crash, he begins to suspect that her husband may be the killer.

Jessica keeps her true identity, and what she knows, a secret because if she tells the truth she is likely to die — again! This tight and taut detective story, embedded in an indigenous setting, invites the reader to reflect on the “spirit world” that co-exists within the terrestrial world, where the “hereafter” and the “here-and-now” intersect. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3rflb7x.

Love after LifeLife After Love by Lorraine Cover

Kate Covington wants two things — to finally get on with her life three years after the passing of her husband, and to experience the passion she hopes to instill in her writing that will fulfill her desire to be an author of steamy short stories.

Setting sail on a cruise hoping to do just that, she crosses paths with cocky, sexy, and much younger Luca Bell’Angelo, licking his wounds after yet another failed relationship.

When her fear of letting go sends her into retreat mode, they come to a platonic agreement to help each other. Luca’s expertise will help Kate spice up her writing, and Kate’s take on life will help Luca uncover why the love he longs for has been so elusive.  But once their relationship moves past the platonic stage, their lives are changed in ways neither expected. Purchase at https://bit.ly/46Ft9Ha.

Madame PommeryMadame Pommery by Rebecca Rosenberg

 A story of a woman’s indomitable spirit in the face of insurmountable odds. Set in Champagne, France in 1860, Madame Pommery is a 40-year-old widow and etiquette teacher whose husband has died. Now she must find a way to support her family. With no experience, she decides to make champagne, but no champagne makers will teach her their craft.

Undeterred, she begins to secretly excavate champagne caves under the Reims city dump and faces numerous obstacles. From the Franco-Prussian war that conscripts her son and crew to the Prussian General Frederick Franz occupying her home, she perseveres. She even must choose between her champagne dreams and a marriage proposal from a Scottish Baron. Inspired by a true story, Madame Pommery is a heroic tale of a woman’s strength and determination to create a champagne legacy. Purchase at https://bit.ly/43BIMg2.

MessianicA Reaction to Messianic Missionaries by Cheryl Simani

A fresh, exciting perspective on the missionary/counter-missionary controversy. Appalled by the nefarious tactics of Christian missionaries disguised as Jews, Rabbanit Simani pens a personal letter to those misled by their wiles. She addresses the “Jews for Jesus” organization head-on and dives deep into the characters and sources for Jewish and Christian Messianic claims.

The book addresses the development of the “Messianic Jewish” movement and the “Isaiah 53 Campaign” – an aggressive effort targeting Jews with misinformation to convert them to their disguised form of Christianity. It also outlines the conflicting historical paths of Judaism and Christianity.  This is a dynamic perspective of the origins of Early Christianity, a must-read for anyone interested in who was or will be the Messiah. A perfect gift for the “truth-seekers” among family and friends, and that special rabbi. Purchase at https://bit.ly/45OLZue.




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