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Booktrib’s Bites: Four Reads to Cap off the Summer

(NewsUSA)Aldek CoverAldek’s Bestiary by Romuald Roman

This collection of 21 wry short stories features various animals that an acclaimed Polish writer uses to illustrate his experiences growing up in communist-era Poland and later emigrating to the U.S. to embrace the American dream with all its imperfections.

Aldek, the narrator and observer, includes animals that are both wild and domestic, hailing from the forests of Poland as well as from pet stores and neighbors in the U.S. Naming each animal gives them greater credibility and brings them to life, and Aldek’s interactions with them are quite humorous and endearing. “I lack the material wealth to build a hospital or library, but if my animal stories make you relax and chuckle instead of worrying about problems, then I have succeeded,” he writes. Booklife calls it “a dynamic short story collection… Heartfelt and inviting.”  Purchase at https://bit.ly/44FeMRA.

Positive caregivingPositive Caregiving by Sarah Teten Kanter

The overwhelming narrative in the U.S. is that caregiving for older adults is a burden to bear and a problem to be solved. Here is a different perspective and a practical methodology that combines elements of positive psychology, mindfulness, reminiscence therapy, and lifestyle medicine to help make caregiving and care receiving a more positive and meaningful experience.

This important book walks caregivers through four pillars of Positive Caregiving — Perspective, Savoring, Reminiscence and Growth — to help readers better understand the opportunities that caring for a loved one provides. At the heart is an extensive list of simple activities, conversation-inspiring questions, and self-care practices to immerse caregivers and their care partners in gratitude, empathy, forgiveness, love, and awe. While geared toward family caregivers, the book is also valuable to anyone who works with, and cares for older adults. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3pQGhsI.

Posh cover copyPosh: Book One of the Templeton Family Chronicles by Jon Malysiak

Posh, Book One of The Templeton Family Chronicles introduces readers to a world of power and privilege, where nothing is sacred, where alliances are made and destroyed based on who has the most to offer and who can afford the highest price tag.

The Templetons – one of England’s most illustrious dynasties – are gathered at their Dorset estate for a weekend of horse-racing, familial one-upmanship, and unabashed poshness. But this year, Lord Carleton is on his deathbed. His new wife is hell-bent on dragging the family into the 21st century with the help of the formidable ex-nun (and ex-con). There’s $500,000 stolen from some shady Russians, a succession battle looming, and a dangerously beautiful woman intent on overthrowing the patriarchy and establishing a new world order. Purchase at https://bit.ly/43Gpwye.

When the Brakes FailWhen the Brakes Fail by Cindy Wittstrom

Cindy knew something was wrong, very wrong. She could not fathom where to find help.

Assuming this inner chaos was a medical issue, she reached out to her physician, whose advice was practically worthless. A last resort: her small-town general practitioner. Because she recently gave birth, he diagnosed her malady immediately —postpartum depression. He likened her condition to that of a runaway freight train, headed for parts unknown, moving at breakneck speed.

Twenty years later this same train, her enemy, resurfaces in the guise of bipolar illness. Her allies encircle her. She is not alone. Together they must carve the unforeseen path. When the Brakes Fail tells Cindy’s unpredictable story which, for the most part, is misunderstood. Walk the tracks with her and discover her journey. Purchase at https://www.cindywittstrom.com/.


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