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BookBites: Four Gripping Summer Reads

(NewsUSA)EsperanzaEsperanza: The Graphic Novel by Andrew Daily

Step into the world of Esperanza, a mysterious, dystopian city struggling under the weight of its own corruption through this one-of-a-kind 76-page, premium-color, graphic novel written and designed by Andrew Daily. Follow Will, a man who has lost everything including his own memories, as he navigates through the shadows of this broken society, desperate for answers.

With stunning visual artwork and masterful storytelling, this book will immerse you in a dark and dangerous world, where every choice could mean the difference between life and death. Will you join the fight to save this city? Or will you succumb to the darkness that threatens to consume it all? The choice is yours, but be warned: Once you enter Esperanza, you may never want to leave. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3IB64vc.

Lethal ConnectionsLethal Connections: The Poison ID Unit by Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis and Karen Fuller

In a sleepy little parish just outside of New Orleans, murder is no rare occurrence.

Sergeant Lance Knight has a pile of unsolved homicide cases on his desk. On the surface, none seems to be connected. The victims are all men with money or power. An investment banker, a lawyer, and a local politician. Lance can’t find a connection.

Working with coroner Gina Goodwin, Lance and Gina discover a pattern. Three unrelated things the bodies have in common—a string of lethal connections. Is it just a coincidence? Things heat up when Lance realizes he’s getting close to finding the killer, and everything spirals out of control. Can he piece it together before it’s too late? Purchase at https://bit.ly/3DeLgH7.

Storm CloudStorm Cloud Rising by Jason Lancour

No prophecy. No Chosen One. No greatest hero of all time. The fate of the known universe does not hang in the balance.

A group of mercenaries is hired for what is supposed to be an easy assignment. But like most things, nothing is as it seems. In a world rich with history, meticulously engineered laws of magic, unique cultures and peoples (as well as the occasional whiskey joint), the “private contractors” soon find their already varied motivations and priorities shifting.

What starts as a simple job spirals out of control into a struggle for survival in the midst of a plot bigger than any could have anticipated. Blood will be spilled, confidences broken, and a fair bit of whiskey consumed. This is only the beginning… Purchase at https://bit.ly/435RjZx.

A Boy, an OrphanageA Boy, an Orphanage, a Cuban Refugee by Tony Dora

“I became a man when I was nine. My other option was death.”

Why would parents send their children, alone, to a foreign country with no guarantee they would ever see them again? In the early 1960s, over 14,000 unescorted children fled Cuba for the U.S. Under Castro’s tyrannical regime, the state confiscated people’s property and bank accounts. Food, clothing, and medicine were rationed. Houses of worship were attacked. There was no freedom.

When Tony and Norma boarded the plane, they had no idea what the future would hold. This memoir chronicles their emotional journey through Tony’s eyes as he and Norma navigate life for six weeks in a refugee camp and a year in an orphanage, until they are reunited with their mother. Purchase at https://bit.ly/3VMro6i.

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