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Take 5 Car Wash Welcomes Spring, Gives Away Tens of Thousands of Free Car Washes

(NewsUSA) – Nothing says annoying like having bird poop on your car, and the arrival of spring means even more unwanted bird activity. Why do birds like to poop on cars? No one knows for sure, but bird poop on your car is more than an unsightly mess. In fact, the uric acid in bird poop can damage your vehicle’s paint.  

Fortunately, Take 5 Car Wash® is welcoming the season with a giveaway of over 60,000 free car washes in select markets across the United States including Dallas, Nashville, Denver, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Little Rock, Birmingham, New Orleans, and Columbus, Ohio. Free washes will be gifted starting on March 28, National Car Wash Day, to people who claim their car was pooped on by Take 5’s new, pesky mascot, the Take 5 Official Pigeon.

If you live in one of the select markets and suspect that the Take 5 pigeon has visited you, visit www.Take5.com/Pigeon for your chance at a free wash, and to see where the pigeon may strike next.

Take 5 Car Wash is the largest express car wash operator in the U.S. with 400 sites nationwide and is part of the Driven Brands family of automotive services. The retailer’s washes tackle the seven signs of car aging: dull paintwork, fine lines, markings, permeability, surface dirt, under chassis rust, and fading color. Its washes are equipped with Take 5’s proprietary Pro5™ five-step process for a professional clean, powered by Armor All Professional® wash and wax formulas, including a Ceramic Shield formula with UV Protection exclusive to Take 5 Car Wash.

Visitors to Take 5 Car Wash also have access to Take 5 Car Wash’s complimentary Pro5 Detail Center, with high-power vacuums, Pro5, Armor All Professional®, Interior Cleaner, and Window Cleaner, and microfiber towels.

Driven Brands, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., also includes Take 5 Oil Change®, Meineke Car Care Centers®, Maaco®, 1-800-Radiator & A/C®, Auto Glass Now®, and CARSTAR®. Driven Brands has more than 4,800 locations across 15 countries, and services over 50 million vehicles annually. Visit take5.com/car-wash for more information.

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